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Reserva-del-Señor Premium Almendrado

Reserva-del-Señor Premium Almendrado



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Category Reposado
Region Mexico
Brand Reserva-del-Señor
Reserva del Senor® Premium Almendrado is elaborated through a careful distillation process in dedicated stainless steel tanks using a 7 month aged Reposado Tequila. Select Natural Almond Flavoring is added during the second distillation thus creating a desirable aroma and flavor profile. With the second distillation these aromas and flavors are refined to obtain the unique quality of Reserva del Senor® Premium Almendrado. This unique process creates a fine pleasant blend of essence that results in a well balanced and palatable product. Many have tried to copy Reserva del Senor® Premium Almendrado, but none have come close.