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805 13 Gallon Keg$239.99
805 5 Gallon Keg$129.99
Angry Orchard 15 gallon239.99
Angry Orchard 5 Gallon Keg129.99
Ballast Point Sculpin 5 Gallon Keg$139.99
Bells Two Hearted 1/4 Gallon Keg$139.99
Blue Moon 15 Gallon Keg$219.99
Blue Moon 5 Gallon Keg$119.99
Bottle Logic 714 Blonde 5 Gallon Keg$129.99

Bottle Logic Recursion 5 Gallon Keg$129.99
BUD Light 15 Gallon Keg$189.99
BUD Light 7.5 Gallon Keg$119.99
Coors 15 Gallon Keg$189.99
Corona 1/4 Gallon Keg$119.99
Corona 15 Gallon Keg$239.99

Fat Tire 15 Gallon Keg$219.99

Guiness 5 Gallon Keg  must have nitro gas$119.99
Hangar 24 Betty 15 Gallon Keg$249.99
Heineken 13 Gallon Keg$239.99
Hangar 24 Orange wheat 5 Gallon Keg$129.99
Lagunitas Ipa 7.75 Gallon Keg$159.99

 Michelob Ultra 5 Gallon Keg$79.99
Michelob Ultra 15 Gallon Keg$199.99

Miller Lite 15 Gallon Keg$189.99
Modelo 15 Gallon Keg$239.99
Modelo 7 Gallon Keg$129.99

Pabst 15 Gallon Keg$189.99

Port Brewing Wipeout 15 Gallon Keg$259.99
Shocktop 5 Gallon Keg$99.99
Shocktop 15 Gallon Keg$199.99
Sierra Nevada 5 Gallon Keg$129.99

PIZZA PORT BREWING Swamis 5 Gallon Keg$129.99
XX 15 Gallon Keg$239.99
Pacifico 15 gallon $239.99
Pacifico 1/4 Keg$129.99
Coors light 1/4 keg.                                                               $129.99

Keg Deposits:

Keg exchange waives keg shell deposit.

Keg Shell deposit: $40

Tap Deposit: $40

Tub Deposit: $10

Tap Usage/Cleaning Fee: $6

Tub Usage/Cleaning Fee: $6

All deposits are fully refundable upon return

We rent the equipment out for a 3 day span

Any items returned late will be charged $2 per day late fee off the deposit

We do not handle, process, save or hold kegs over the phone.

We will secure and hold kegs if you come into the store and pre-pay for the keg and deposits in advance and hold until your pick up day.

The cut off window for pre-paying kegs for the same week needed is Monday night of the week or the week(s) prior.

Are you 21 years old, or older?